Power Whitening – A new way of whitening in the UK!

If you are looking to get your teeth whitened in a fast, safe and effective manner then POWER WHITENING is for you.
As we age our teeth darken and become yellow and dull in their colour. Its difficult to avoid as our everyday habits such as eating, drinking will cause the teeth to darken over time. POWER WHITENING is a simple treatment that will rapidly restore your teeth back to their original colour.

Having a great brighter whiter smile is available to you! It is not just for the rich and famous now you can get a new smile that is affordable and gives you a confident new smile

Teeth whitening guarantee

Power Whitening works for everyone andwe guarantee your teeth will whiten. Typically 4-12 shades in just one 75minute treatment. It our Power whitening guarantee 4u!

What is power whitening

Power Whitening offers instant resultsand we come to you at home offering maximum convenience without waiting weeksfor results. UK’s favourite way of whitening the teeth 4u!

Price promise

Power Whitening offers fantastic valuefor money and we run promotions making laser teeth whitening both affordableand sustainable. Cost effective and amazing value 4u!

Why power whitening?

Power Whitening means you best of bothworlds. Instant, fast, guaranteed and noticeable results without travelling, wecome to you at home. Whiter, more confident smiles 4u!

Amazing Service

Power Whitening is just wonderful. Not only they gave me appointment according to my schedule, but after going through a completely painless procedure my teeth were looking amazing.

– Peter

Good Work

Because of my smoking habit, my teeth were suffering a lot. My wife told me to do something about it so I called these people, after just an hour of treatment, my teeth and my looks were completely changed for good.

– Max

Area we offer Teeth whitening treatment